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General Chat 02 Jul 2015
What are you doing for Freedom Day? I just got 500 rounds of 7.62 and am going to shoot targets until there are so many bullet holes it'll be like paper spiderwebs. I'm going to fire off so many rounds that I'll wear the berm down and end up shooting Farmer Joe that set up his barn right behind t...
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Guess who is BACK!

General Chat 29 Jun 2015
Ive been in jail.. and now I am back and better then ever, NEW graphics card, NEW memory, NEW house, NEW car, NEW state, and GOOD NET, so ive been gone.. but I am back... and bz is about to see some extreme gaming, sorry I vanished you guys! but ive been in jail for 5 months, all for defending my...
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New tat

Media Thread 27 Jun 2015
So I decided to get a tat (we'll call it a birthday present to myself, cuz fuck it why not)   This is just the outline. I go back in 2 weeks to get it filled in.  
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Hello All - Sealsniper1

-bZ- Recruiting Section 24 Jun 2015
Hello.   Just wanted to introduce myself as I put in an application today to join BZ.   Been playing on your servers for a few months and been solo for a few years, was recruited by Haitian.   Been gaming for years - mainly play BF4 and DDO online.   I live in No. Cal   I...
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